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Green Cleaning Product Review – Genesis 950 Review From A Lucky Ladybug

The latest Genesis 950 review comes from Randi at A Lucky Ladybug. Randi is a Mother,
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a Wife and a blogger with a house constantly buzzing with activity. Her blog features segments on DIY Projects, Gardening and Green Living. From appliances and gadgets to consumables and products, A Lucky Ladybug is full of great information and reviews to help readers find green, safe, cost effective products to make life easier.

Genesis 950 is the perfect fit for A Lucky Ladybug’s blog. Genesis 950 is a green, safe alternative to dangerous household chemicals. As a surfactant based cleaner, it works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. When a stain’s structural bonds are broken, it can then be flushed from the area with clean water. One of the great Ray Ban Sunglasses Store Outlet features of Genesis 950 being green, is that it works on multiple surfaces. It can easily replace multiple cleaners, in doing so decreasing the number of toxins introduced to your home.

Randi recently purchased a new home, so there are a lot of jobs for Genesis 950. One of them involved an extra fridge that was placed in the garage. In it’s unused state, it collected mold and dirt. She used Genesis 950 to spray the refrigerator clean and remove the mold. In addition to looking clean, it also smelled great.

Their new home also has chickens!
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Sometimes the baby chicks get some play time on the deck. As a result, the deck gets some poop stains from the chicks. On one occasion, the poop was not cleaned up and ended up baking into the deck from the sun. With Genesis 950 she was able to go back to those stains, spray them with the Genesis 950 & water mix, and wipe them right off. What’s great about Genesis 950 is because it is Ray Ban Parts And Accessories green,
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it posses no threat to the environment. It’s safe outdoors as well as indoors.

Like most families, Randi has a dog. Her dog suffers from a sensitive stomach. If the dog eats something out of the ordinary, diarrhea! Randi was able to take some pictures of the cleaning process using Genesis 950.
Pet stain on rug
Spray the stain with a mixture of Genesis 950 & water. Allow the area to soak in the mixture & let sit for about 2 minutes
Rinse stain away with clean water

Genesis 950 is sold in Oakley Lifestyle Clearance Outlet concentrate form. This means that you are getting straight cleaner. To properly use Genesis 950, mix 1 part Genesis 950 with 7 parts water. When used at this ratio, 1 quart becomes 7 quarts of cleaning solution and 1 gallon becomes 7 gallons! How is that for savings? For more aggressive stains, this ratio can be increased to as high as a 50/50 mix. To clean tough stains, spray the area with the mixture. Be sure the stain is heavily saturated. The Genesis 950 will break the bonds of the stains causing them to lift from the surface. Once the stain’s bonds have been broken, they no longer adhere to the surface and can be flushed away.

The uses for Genesis 950 are endless. It’s the perfect cleaner not just because it is green, but because it works!
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Read the full review at A Lucky Ladybug. Be sure to enter the Giveaway. The winner will be drawn on 4/21/15.

To order Genesis Ray Ban Outlet Online Online Store 950, visit genesis950.

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Why You Need to Build a Log Home

People have been living in log homes for hundreds of years, and with good reason! Log homes provide an abundance of advantages and creature comforts, and they are the preferred type of home for those with cabins in the mountains and vacation homes on lakefront properties. While log homes are common as vacation properties, there are Ray Ban One Day Sale Outlet many advantages to choosing Colorado log homes for your permanent residence as well!

Advantages to Living in a Log Home

Whether you are looking to live in a log home part-time as a vacation property or as your permanent residence, there are many reasons why log homes are a great choice for you and your family! Check out this list to learn more about the advantages of log homes:

?Energy savings in a comfortable environment: Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or you simply want to save a few bucks in utility costs, a log cabin home helps you to achieve both purposes. The timber used in log homes has a high thermal mass, which means that the wood is much more effective at storing and releasing air effectively. What this means for you is that your log home will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and your utility costs will not fluctuate quite as drastically as a more traditional home. The logs are typically 10-12 inches thick and can keep homeowners cool or warm (depending upon the season) with no central heating or cooling system. This can add up to big savings for homeowners. In fact, properly built log homes can be up to 20% more energy efficient than homes built with more traditional materials.

?A country aesthetic: If you are looking for a home with a rustic appearance, a log home is a great choice. Log homes are instantly recognizable and make your home stand out. Everyone loves a log cabin, and the comfort and sense of peace and serenity is undeniable. Log homes are cozy and comfortable and allow you to feel at one with nature no matter where your home resides. Additionally, there are a lot of creative ways to mix the country feel of a log home with more modern decor and architecture. Just because your home is rustic doesn’t mean it has to look old fashioned!

?An Ray Ban Oulet Online affordable abode: Log homes are typically much more affordable than more traditional homes, so if you are looking to buy a home but don’t have a lot to spend,
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a log home is a great option that will allow you to keep money in your pocket and make financing a home possible for you. On average, log homes are 30-40% less expensive than more traditional homes.

?A quiet and private place: Since log homes are well insulated, you will find that they absorb sound much better than other types of building materials. If your property is in a noisy area, a log home will help to block out much of the sound.

?A good investment: Well-maintained log homes can last more than a century. As such, they are a good investment for homeowners. It can be difficult to find a well-maintained log home, as they are in high demand. If you are lucky enough Cheap Ray Ban Sale Online to find one, snatch it up! If not, log homes are built of such sturdy materials that it takes only a minimum investment in order to fix up a log home that needs work. Another option is to build a brand new log home with a Colorado Log homes builder in your area.

Allpine Lumber is the most diverse custom sawmill in the industry. We provide the finest Colorado Log homes around. Let us help you build your log home now! Visit our page on / for more info!

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The Pivotal Role Of A Wine Cellar Cooling Unit And Cellar Doors For Proper Wine Maturation

Collecting different flavours and types of wine is a pleasing hobby for many. On the one hand some do this for their personal consumption at times of special occasions while on the other hand there are others who gather it to sell and earn profits. No matter the reason, the collection process must comprise of proper storage and management to keep the asset in their best taste and form. Components such as the right wine cellar furniture, cellar door, a wine cellar cooling unit and other essential accessories should be given due significance. In fact just having a cooler or wine chiller will not suffice if the wine compilation is already a big one. Regardless of whether a person is a wine fanatic or a novice, having the Cheap Ray Ban Clubmaster Prescription Outlet right place and the accessories to store wine will be a valuable Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale 75% Off Online Store investment for anybody who loves wine.

The significance of a wine cellar

Aging wine indeed is a special art which over the years most wine enthusiasts have enjoyed. There cannot be a better feeling than to turn a vibrant, young wine into that mature classic, realizing new aromas and flavours for a wine collector to enjoy every time they open a bottle. While collecting wine bottles however it is imperative in knowing that not each variety is made to age gracefully. Most of them in fact fall under the category of drink-me-now or are best consumed young when its rich fruity tang show best. These wines will taste best during its initial first or second year after bottling and with cellaring over time is likely to only decline thereby losing its fruit devoid of gaining much else. Besides, a poorly made or inferior young wine Cheap Ray Ban Junior Outlet will remain poor forever. Aging cannot enhance wines which are unlikeable, flawed or unbalanced to personal taste. Thus, to age those varieties which need proper aging should be done with the help of a wine cellar. Wine cellars in Houston are available in plenty to help people make the right pick.

Add the right wine cellar door for that personal statement

A wine cellar acts as the showcase for a wine lover’s wine collection. This should be safeguarded with a door which features highest-quality construction and superior insulating properties. The cellar door must be appealing to look as well as help in reflecting the interior style of the cellar. The modern wine cellar doors will offer a wine enthusiast the design choices for personalizing their door thereby making it their own. In fact the assorted styles that are Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Kids Online Store available today will allow them in finding the ideal look for making the right first impression. People can select from radius-arched, arched or square shapes and without or with insulated glass. Adding a cedar wood or wrought iron cellar door will help to offer a personal statement.

Wine though perishable is amid the few goods which gets better with time. The complex interaction over time amid alcohols, sugars and acids will make a wonderful composition of perfect taste,
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aroma and flavour of a truly mature classic. For this ideal interplay to work, it is vital to keep the wine healthy and in perfect condition using the right accessories.

About the Author – In this article Natalie Johnson has elaborately explained on how wine cellars in Houston are available in plenty to help people make the right pick and also how the modern wine cellar doors will offer a wine Cheap Ray Ban Clubmaster Sizes Outlet enthusiast the design choices for personalizing their door

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Designing Interiors: Ensure Safety with Railings and Handrail Brackets

What are Railings For?

Imagine walking in the mall, through the alleys of the fourth floor, then looking down the ground floor. The catch is as you look down, there is no barrier that you can lean on. Frightened? That is what railings are for. A railing is a type of fence that is made of rails restricting movement to the other end where the barrier is established.

Types of Railings

Railings may be either guardrails or handrails. Both types are created using a series of bars held together by a support. Railings are made of sturdy materials such as metals and wood (most likely used as interior handrails).


Guardrails are primarily used as a barrier. Most often, its uses include securing a VIP from his or her fans, limiting Ray Ban Sale 90 Off Online vehicular entries from dangerous paths, and organizing concert attendees according to their ticket values. Guardrails are most often not concerned with aesthetics but rather, robustness. This type of railings is standalone or need not be attached elsewhere as used.


A type of railing that is supposed to be grasped by hand for safety is called a handrail. It can be found anywhere where a kind support is required to steer clear from posing accidents- from up and down the staircase, to slippery bathroom floors. Its functionality is traced way back from the Assyrians in southern Iraq. Fast forward to this era, standard codes have been established to ensure safety among produced handrails. European Normal (EN) specifies its height from the ground should be 0.9 to 1 meter. The International Code Council (ICC) and National Fire Protection Cheap Ray Ban Prescription Glasses Online Outlet Association (NFPA) have also specified handrail dimensions,
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such as circular cross section, according to usage.

What Do Handrail Brackets Are For?

The term handrails is not new since the last section, now it’s time for brackets. A bracket is an overhanging member emerging from a structure and is installed to support any vertical load. The conception of handrail brackets emerged from the need to hold handrails in place in reference to a wall at a specific height. There is a varied range of handrail brackets to suit everyone’s interest,
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be it for aesthetics or functionality.

Handrail Brackets in 2015

Handrail brackets are installed by drilling a hole in the wall and then secured to place by screws. The other end is attached to the handrail securely for support. Handrail bracket types include wall mount, Ray Ban Sunglasses Discount Outlet post mount, or glass mount. Most common for handrail brackets are installed by drilling a hole in the wall and then secured to place by screws. The other end is attached to the handrail securely for support.

Raw material for production of handrail brackets is usually metal, most preferably stainless steel for durability. Few others are made of other metals such as cast iron, brass, aluminum,
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brass or bronze. Sometimes, wood is also used for aesthetics purposes only because of its low durability. More variations of handrail brackets are cast, stamped, extruded or machined. Since they are designed with accuracy for robust support, they need not be installed next to each other. A spacing of 36 to 48 inches between handrail brackets is recommended.

Please visit for further inquiry about stainless Ray Ban Cat Eye steel railing systems and guardrails.

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Swiss Business School offer Hotel Management Courses

There are ample of business schools that are renowned in offering business administration courses. Well, top level business school courses can be little costly than middle class b-schools. Numerous businesses search particularly for advanced education in administration. Numerous universities have programs through which you can secure either a single guy’s or partner’s degree in administration and you can likewise discover projects in office administration. These projects ordinarily cover sustenance administration, providing accounting, business administration, book-keeping, employee’s database, recruitment, training and staffing. The abilities you secure through a Swiss business school are additionally valuable in various employments, including occasion arranging, business administration for organizations.

There is hotel management school Switzerland that offers best learning program on hospitality and office administration. Suppose a man makes arrangements to travel, the first thing he/she ensures is Ray Ban Prescription Eyeglasses Online a spot to live. Also, nothing is a superior choice than an inn. Lodgings are constantly thought to be a home far from home. Taking a businessperson’s perspective, lodgings have risen to be a decent field to put resources into. There are various things that make up a decent inn. A standout amongst the most essential things is allotting the right employment to the right competitor. For this one ought to have the full learning about the inn administration expected set of responsibilities. Hotel management school Switzerland courses teach on how to set working responsibilities is fundamentally a composed record of the obligations and the obligations identified with a specific employment. This makes less demanding to pick the perfect individual for an occupation.

A portion of the sets of responsibilities characterize the Ray Ban Clubmaster Tortoise Online work of the undertaking chief, PC professional, money employments, finance occupations, IT employments and others. To set up the set of working responsibilities,
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the points of interest to be incorporated are general blueprint of the occupation, obligations which are to be performed,
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abilities required, experience and the capability required. There are distinctive sorts of occupations in lodging administration. The occupation of the VP is to expand the aggregate income. Every one of the offices is taken care of by the VP. They are likewise in charge of contracting and assessing the representatives.

The occupation of territorial administrator is to take care of the foundations in a specific district. The chief of operations is in charge of managing the everyday exercises in the inn. They coordinate the staff Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses Online exercises. The part of the general administrator is to care for the administrative and authoritative errands. They work with the customers straightforwardly to guarantee consumer loyalty. The business sector chiefs are for exposure of the lodging. The security administrator deals with the security division. Each exercises going ahead in the kitchen are to be dealt with by the kitchen chief. The cooking administrator deals with delivery sustenance to required spots. The obligation of the bar rests with the bar supervisor. The buy of anything is the obligation of the buy director.

Eric Hofmann had written many articles for management courses. Explore more information about swiss business school, hotel management school Switzerland.

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4 Quick Guitar Lessons for Beginners

One of the most common questions for any guitar playing aspirant is Cheap Ray Ban Glasses Frames Store where to start from. A fresher in this field will be mind boggled with this thought if he or she has no one who can provide guidance or suggestions regarding this matter. You can go through the internet which can help you to start your first guitar lessons. You can look for guitar lessons stockton ca as well.

Some of the guitar lessons that will help you to begin your guitar playing are discussed below –

1.Strumming Patterns for Beginners – Before you start playing the guitar as a professional, you have to learn to strum the guitar well. You can strum small patterns and pieces and practice them well till you are quite confident and fluent with them. You can go through various videos over the net which teach you how to strum small patterns.

2.Finger Picking Patterns for Beginners – After you are well accustomed Ray Ban Sunglasses 80% Off Online Store with the strumming patterns, you can move on to the finger picking patterns. It is not at all difficult and you can grasp this style quickly. You have to position your hand in the proper manner to play various finger picking patterns. As mentioned earlier, you can go on practicing these patterns till you get a good hold on them.

There are different methods to finger pick the strings. If you have nails then it will be easier for you to finger pick. This is because it provides you more leverage. If you finger pick with your nails, then the sound will be sharper, clearer, and vibrant. On the other hand, if you pick with the tips of your fingers the sound will be more mellowed down.

3.Scales of Guitars for Beginners – If you learn the guitar scales, it will help you practice by yourself and improvise on the songs. You can improvise on the fret board of the guitar as well.

There are two kinds of guitar scales. They are major scales and pentatonic scales. Most of the songs are based on the major scales. Pentatonic scale is used when you play chord progressions in the C major key. It can also be played in chord progression on the A major key. If you play in this scale, it will give you a bluesy sound.

4.Right Placement of Finger – If you want to play the guitar, it is very important to place your fingers in the right places. If you do not place them properly, then the sound coming out will be blurred and unclear. The right place to position your fingers is between the frets. To be more precise, your fingers should be right beside the frets but at the same time be careful not to touch them.

These are some of Oakley Lifestyle Clearance Online the simple guitar lessons with which you can start off. After you are comfortable with them,
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you can move on to more difficult or complicated and higher level of lessons.

Playing the guitar is a talent which can be possessed by anybody who gives time to it and shows a large amount of dedication towards it. Regular practice and the interest will help you to become a good guitar player. Start with strumming, finger picking,
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mastering the scales properly and learning finger placement.

The author recommends taking beginner guitar lessons stockton ca. You can learn quite a lot from the internet and videos as well. However, nothing can compare to a live lesson with a real teacher who would correct your flaws.

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Accounting Assignment Help and Online Coursework Help

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Accounting Assignment Help Accounting is an indispensable part of the professional corporate world. Often regarded as the language of business, Accounting is actually the process of analysis and comprehensive Cheapest Ray Ban Sunglasses Store systematic recording of financial transactions or dealings related to a company or business firm. Accounting assignment help provided in appropriate manner can help the students to understand the analysis of strengths and vulnerabilities of a business firm which play a key role in management and decision making. Accounting is not an easy subject as it requires a lot of attention which is why students need for professional accounting coursework help to understand critical concepts of accounting well and score better.

Students aiming to become Accountants in the near future need to master the concepts of accounting and work hard to achieve good grades. As it is not always easy for students to do so, they search for accounting assignment help to maintain their grades. Accounting assignment help given by professional experts Ray Ban For Sale Online Store can help the students to understand accounting theories better which is why we at Ask Assignment Help give the best accounting assignment help to all our clients to ensure rapid progress. Our experts provide step by step solutions and urgent homework help to the students as quickly as possible as a part of our accounting assignment help services. Whether it is a difficult accounting assignment or incomplete homework, our accounting assignment help aims to provide you the best quality solutions in limited time.

We provide high quality and professional accounting assignment help for topics like Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation, Budgeting, Assessment of assets,
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Balance sheets, Burden Allocation, Fixed Asset Accounting, Financial analysis, Managerial Accounting, Pricing, Flow of Cash, Profit and Loss analysis, Accounting Cycle and Equation, Auditing, Financial reporting, Investment analysis and long term value assessment, funds accounting, accounting information system and many more.

Professional Accounting Coursework Help Ask Assignment Help has been one of the top providers of accounting coursework help in the world with clientele expanding to USA, UK, Australia, Canada and UAE. Our reliable and competent experts are happy to go an extra mile for your satisfaction. Accounting is a broad field which covers many underlying concepts of financial accounting, managerial accounting,
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Taxes, etc. For good understanding of accounting at application level, students need to have prior knowledge of these concepts. That’s why they need accounting coursework help from professional experts.

With Ask Assignment Help’s accounting coursework help, you’ll always be provided with the following: 100% Authenticity Guarantee: We do not Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Online allow plagiarism of any kind and our content is 100% genuine which is why we are the most preferred accounting assignment providers. 100% Accuracy: All the content provided to you is accurate, thoroughly verified from reliable resources. 100% Quality Maintenance: We are the best and this is reflected in the uncompromising quality we provide, easily matching the standards set by prestigious global universities. 100% Timely Delivery: Our accounting coursework help aims to provide the best reliable solutions in the given limited time without failure or default.

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Tirupati Darshan

India is a big and diverse country encompassing plenty of lovely spiritual towns. If you are looking for a serene spiritual vacation, then you would possibly be suggested to go for a Tirupati darshan. Tirupati is a small city located in South India’s Andhra Pradesh. It is a sedate and exquisite place replete with a lot of temples. Wayfarer Ray Bans On Sale With the provision of Tirupati online reserving, now it has grow to be extremely easy to ebook motels and lodges. That is why there was a surge within the number of tourists visiting this soulful place.


During your Tirupati journey, you’ll expertise spiritualism like never before. The sight of thousands of devotees congregating exterior temples could have a chilled effect on your metropolis-wearied soul. From the fragrance of sandalwood to the sweet odor of garlands, everything about Tirupati is blissful and charming. Tirupati darshan or sighting of Lord Venkateswara (the chief deity of Tirupati) is a coveted affair. Cheap Ray Ban Tech Store Pilgrims coming from each a half of the nation line up in serpentine queues to pay their homage to the deities! Additionally, you will spot sages and ‘sadhus’ in the crowd. The sight itself will be extraordinarily soul-stirring and peace-evoking.


Tirupati boasts of hundreds of temples of all sizes and shapes. Most of them belong to the medieval age and have been crafted utilizing the Dravidian style of structure however you will also spot some trendy ones as well. Among the must-visit temples are Sri Venkateswara Temple, Sri Kodandaramaswami Temple, Sri Veda Narayanaswami Temple and Sri Annapurna Sameta Kasi Visweswaraswami Temple. You must also make it a point to pay visit to the tranquil Swami Pushkarini Lake.

Despite being a small town,
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Tirupati boasts of some great hotels, guest homes and lodges. You can easily discover a Ray Ban For Kids resort of your choice and of an affordable budget. Alternatively, you’ll have the opportunity to e-book a lodge in advance under the Tirupati on-line booking system. Tirupati is a round-the-yr vacation spot although some say that the very best time to do a Tirupati darshan is throughout the Brahmotsavam competition in September.


Journey to Jagannath Puri: Jagannath Puri is another sizzling and occurring vacation spot on the Indian map. Located in south-east India in the state of Orissa,
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Puri has a lovely sea beach which is breezy and sandy. You’ll have the option to have an thrilling and memorable time on the Puri beach. Furthermore, you can too play video games like soccer and volleyball or bask in browsing the sea. A Puri seaside comes full with all facilities including changing room and boating service. You can too enjoy the relaxing Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Online Store Herbal therapeutic massage supplied by professionals on the beach. There are several Puri hotels situated close to the beach. You can test into them to stay close to the breezy turquoise ocean.

As soon as you’re out of the seaside,
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you can explore the size and breadth of Puri visiting some renowned temples just like the Shree Jagannath Puri temple, Konark Temple and Sun Temple. For accommodation, you can depend on the first-class motels of Puri. Puri motels are all hygienic and well-maintained and come with full facilities.


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What to Expect After Your DUI Arrest

Drinking Ray Ban Aviator Carbon Fiber Store too much can leave you impaired and vulnerable to making poor decisions. Hopefully, getting behind the wheel isn’t one of them. However, if you made the mistake of drinking and driving and were arrested, you could be facing serious consequences. Imprisonment, fines, losing your driver’s license, or probation are all very real possibilities for you. That is why it is so important to hire the best DUI attorney in Sandy Springs. With a legal expert on your side, you’ll have the representation you deserve during the lengthy legal process that will follow your arrest.


After you’ve been arrested, you will be handcuffed and taken to the police station via police car. Then, you will be fingerprinted, have your mug shot taken, and entered into the system. You’ll wait in jail until it’s time for your arraignment. Then,
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you’ll be taken in front of a judge who will review your case. Ray Ban Sunglasses Amazon Online Store At that point, the charges against you will be read, and you’ll have the opportunity to plead guilty,
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not guilty or no contest. If you haven’t already hired an attorney, you’ll have the chance to have one appointed to you by the courts. Bail will also be set at this time, and if you can find the money, you could be released until your next hearing.

Preliminary Hearing

In order for the trial to proceed, there has to be adequate evidence that you’ve committed the crime you’ve been charged with. This will happened during your preliminary hearing. The prosecution will present evidence to Cheap Womens Ray Ban Glasses Online Outlet prove that there is adequate reason to assume that you were driving under the influence. Unless you can prove otherwise, the charge will stand and the case will continue.

Plea Bargains

If you have been charged with a DUI, don’t expect a plea bargain to be sent your way. These charges are taken very seriously. Any sort of lesser charge for a lesser consequence is unlikely. If for some reason a plea bargain is Ray Ban Lens Types Outlet presented, review the options with your attorney before making a decision.


Once the evidence has been reviewed, your case will have the chance to go to trial. However, many DUI cases are resolved before they get to that point. If you have decided not to settle though, you are entitled to a speedy trial by a jury of your peers. They will be selected through a question and answer process by both attorneys. Once the trial actually begins, both attorneys will present Ray Ban Outlet Sale Online evidence and testimonies from witnesses that help to corroborate why or why not you should be held accountable for the crime. Once the jury has heard both sides, they will be given the opportunity to deliberate and decide whether you are innocent or guilty. When a decision has been reached, they will read it in front of the judge and courtroom.


Depending on the verdict from the jury, the judge will handle the sentencing appropriately. If you were found not guilty,
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the case will be dismissed and you will be free to go. However, if you are found guilty, they will decide which punishment best suits the charge. This sentence is binding unless overturned by an appeal filed by your attorney.

While a DUI charge is extremely devastating,
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it shouldn’t be the end of your world. With thebest DUI attorney in Sandy Springson your side, you will be prepared for what this process entails. Once the hearings begin, you’ll know the strategy that your attorney plans to use to help you. With a legal professional helping you through these stages, you’ll have the best chance possible of getting your life back on track and moving forward.

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How To Use Your Best Personal Feng Shui Directions

Should you face your best personal directions Cheap Ray Ban Tech Online Outlet or have your back to your best personal directions? Should you sleep with your head or your feet pointing to one of your favored directions? These are questions that many people have when they are first introduced to the Eight Mansion School, aka The East-West School.

Everyone is born with certain preferred directions based on gender and birth year. This is a branch of Feng Shui which caters to whom is using the space, not just how the space is used. And you don’t just have one good direction. You have four good directions and four directions that are not supportive.

For example,
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a man born in 1966 is a west type person, whereas a man born in 1964 is east type. The westerly directions are: west, southwest, northwest and northeast. The easterly directions are: east, southeast, south and north. The directions which are considered good for you range from high Cheap Ray Ban Folding Online Outlet energy-producing and prosperity attracting to tranquil or relaxing. The directions which are considered negative for your “personal trigram” can contribute to you being accident-prone, vulnerable to arguments, legal problems or financial loss.

Once you learn what your good and bad directions are,
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they can be used in a number of different ways:

?Sleep with your head to one of your good directions, laying down top of head. ?Sit with your back to one of your good directions if you are trying to study or concentrate in solitude. ?
 Ray Ban Wayfarer Rb2140 Sunglasses Chestnut Pattern Frame Brown
Face one of your good directions when you are interacting with others in a business relationship, teaching, lecturing, consulting or negotiating. ?Enter a house or office through one of your good directional sectors.

These are just a few examples. It is based on the concept that the front side of your body is yang, just like the facing side of Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Outlet a house is the more “yang” side. The sitting side of a house is more “yin” as is the back side of your body.

?You can even choose to live in a house that matches your status as a “west type” person or an “east type” person. ?You can position a desk in a directional sector of a room that caters to your personal trigram.

In order to know where these real directions are, all relative to the center of a floor plan, you need to use an actual compass to determine this. And in Feng Shui, we use magnetic north as our reference as opposed to true north. This might create a minor to significant discrepancy depending on where you are in the world. In other words, what you see with your compass might not match up exactly with what you see on a map.

Using your preferred directions can help give you a boost. It can manifest in your personal life or give you a professional edge. Many people report getting better sleep or being calmer when they utilize their best directions. As well, success in business and being seen as more trust worthy and likeable can also be the pay off in making these subtle changes to how you position yourself at work and home.

What this does not extend to is larger geographical areas, such as what region of the country to live in. In other words, an “east type” person is not resigned to living on the east coast.

Visit Kartar Diamond’s website at FengShuiSolutions for more information about Kartar’s books, ebooks, on-line mentoring program, as well as consultations in person or long distance.